Rattlesnake Remedy

We get a lot of music to review, here at Vanguard-Online, and I can’t pretend to be an expert on all the genres, or even most of them. Hard rock makes a frequent appearance, often in a European Prog style, often a wee bit daft, sometimes good, sometimes not. Some hard rock albums get a couple of listens and a review, some get more. This got well more, since it sounded good in the car and had big noise to rock out to.

Rattlesnake Remedy, despite this being their debut album, make sounds that slot right into the classic rock mould set in the seventies, with little concession to the passing decades. Even the hair says ‘seventies rock’. There are plenty of parts of the world where this music still thrives and evidently Birmingham is one of them. Then again, with bands like Wolfmother and The Answer on the rise, the denim-clad masses are on the move again. This is music that makes you strut, with a choked up Bon Scott voice, following the AC/DC tradition. Twiddly guitar decoration at the end of each line adds to the swagger potential, lending an air of importance to lyrical declarations. The music covers the bases – blues gives way to classic and is followed by cock rock and the odd ballad. Magic Man, the titular song, is nearly at the end of the album and the stand-out track, preceding a gentle acoustic ballad that gives the lie to the hard-rocking image.

This band has a fine line to tread, wanting to deliver rock in a classic mode, in a genre set as hard as as the arteries of its founders, without becoming a tribute band or an anachronism. This they achieve, through simple unpretentiousness and straight-ahead playing, avoiding knowing winks and references. Odds are, if you have a denim jacket and you actually wear it once in a while, you’d enjoy this or one of the regular gigs listed on their website.

Ross McGibbon