This Et Al
Early 2007

Next year’s Next Big Thing, Leeds’ ‘This Et Al’ don’t release “Baby Machine” until next year, but they’ve given us at Vanguard Towers a sneak peak, and the future looks bright. Below is a selection of what you can expect:

‘Wardens’ – In the same musical range of the Editors, the band leap straight in with an anti-Nazi salute against war, peppered with lines like “We’re marching to Moscow tomorrow”.

‘Of National Importance’ – A discussion of opinion vs. fact, there’s a real sense of frustration carried in this track, with hints of rebellion and pro-action.

‘He Shoots Presidents’ – A stomp-along, with a catchy hook and a not-so subtle message.

‘Pigs Make Children Sick’ – With a sound reminiscent of Bush (the Anglo-American band, not the President), the twin vocals of Wu and Simon ‘Stardust’ Stevens work together to create a powerful, guitar heavy track that’s as interesting as its name.

‘Can You Speak European?’ – Despite suggesting that Swansea can be considered as ‘Europe’, the band air their concerns about the Europeanisation of Britain and the sapping of our power. Oh, and it’s a catchy tune as well.

‘Catscan’ – or, ‘you need your head examined.’ Suddenly becomes clear, they’re angry at the “establishment”, and want answers to the questions raised over the previous tracks. “I’ve never heard anyone say / fuck you to The Man”.

Simon Middleyard