SPV 27.11.06

“There isn’t an area between my legs called ‘Manland’. I only have the same lust as everyone else.” Sir David of Coverdale, 1999.

Tripe, you’d rightly think, for this is the Cov we’re talking here; the Cock Rock King of Redcar who once wrote a self-proclaimed ‘modern love song’ called ‘Lie Down’ and named his band after the Old Man. Yet, despite his back catalogue boasting more double entendres than a Finbar Saunders comic strip, Coverdale still possesses a belting voice on this, Whitesnake’s third live outing.

‘Live… In The Shadow Of The Blues’ is packed full of hits probably performed in front of a German festival audience. There are few finer mainstream rock tunes than ‘Still Of The Night’ and ‘Fool For Your Loving’ and how can you go wrong with ‘Here I Go Again’, an anthem adopted by that Welsh fella out of Big Brother and Ruth ‘The Badger’ Badger from ‘The Apprentice’? There’s even a rare detour into his Deep Purple days with an inspired medley of ‘Burn’ and ‘Stormbringer’, whilst ‘Slide It In’ and ‘Slow An’ Easy’ (fnar! fnar!) remain fantastically crass.

Of course, the selling point for the faithful is the four new studio songs. ‘Ready To Rock’ and ‘All I Want Is You’ (think ‘Here I Go Again’ in power ballad form) are as predictable as their titles, though ‘If You Want Me’ fares better with faintly grungy riffs and retro boogie rhythms.

‘Live… In The Shadow Of The Blues’ is big dumb fun all the way. Just don’t expect anything profound.

Ross Halewood