@ Manchester M.E.N. Arena

Fresh from their triumphant summer festival appearances, Muse hit the road, bringing their intergalactic space rock to the arenas of the U.K. Never ones to disappoint on the theatrics of performing their songs for a live audience, Muse pulled out all the stops for their stage show in Manchester. Focussing largely on songs from their latest offering ‘Black Holes and Revelations,’ the trio roared through hits such as ‘Starlight’ and ‘Supermassive Black Hole,’ with flawless precision and showmanship. Set against huge screens depicting stars, planets and all manner of space related scenery, drummer Dominic Howard appears from within a huge column of lights at stage left. He is shortly joined by bassist Chris Wolstenhome on the other side, leaving centre stage free for Matt Bellamy to take up his position as guitar hero for the night. The band open the show with the closing track from ‘Black Holes and Revelations,’ ‘Knights of Cydonia,’ which serves as a perfect riff-filled opener.

During their 2 hour set the band gave the crowd what they wanted in the form of ‘Hysteria,’ ‘Newborn,’ ‘Time Is Running Out’ and particular live favourite ‘Plug In Baby.’ Debut album ‘Showbiz’ was represented only once and the obligatory balloon drop occurred during their performance of ‘Bliss,’ scattering red feathers over a delighted crowd. The gig was Muse at their stadium rocking best from start to finish, playing all the hits that the average fan demands but with enough in the set to still satisfy the hardcore fans. In a very apt close to the show Muse chose to finish with ‘Take A Bow,’ the opening track from ‘Black Holes and Revelations,’ bookending the entire, breathtaking experience in superb fashion.

Ross McGibbon