Modesty, a Great Value

Whilst the Taiwanese business classes may love western fashion brands, in general, Taiwanese people dress modestly. Even the urban trendies don’t dress extravagantly or try to show off their figures. The cars, whilst expensive are rarely flashy. Instead they are stately and grand.

The Taiwanese people love cars - partly because that's the only way to get around but also because they function as discrete status symbols - and Taiwanese people love being able to reflect back to themselves and others how succesful they have been.

Taiwanese women are generally smaller than European women, often quite pretty, and whilst often slender, have less bumps and smaller assets. It’s quite hard to find a physical form that would excite you.

There's a slim girl whose wearing a thin grey top, neck bent with mobile wedged between right ear and shoulder, with a small pink bag from what is possibly a designer shop (apparently everyone in Taiwan wants a Louis Vutton bag - genuine or fake - it doesn’t matter). The girl walks in small steps, watching out for the puddles and traffic and talking on the phone at the same time.

James Johnson - December 2006

The Taiwanese - a people set adrift

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