West End Boys and East End Girls

Threaded into the Taiwanese male psyche is a territorial ownership over the Taiwanese vagina.

"Asian girls will often have one night stands with western men. I dislike that. I used to know this forty-five year old pot belly. He'd say to me Chinese girls are so easy to fuck. He'd always be getting off with Chinese girls and each time the girl would be so young and good looking.

Western boys are portrayed as being passionate. Girls like to have a boyfriend from western culture. I hate it. I'm not jealous of western boys. Itís just that the Taiwanese girls donít appreciate their own culture. They trade their bodies for the prestige of being with a westerner. I canít agree on the use of the body in this way - these bodies are so lovely - maybe itís jealousy in a way.

I donít think the westerner really appreciates the experience."

The Taiwanese man sees the female form Ė sees the beauty Ė and the potential for a pure existence. The American penis is dirty and defiled. The Taiwanese princess buys into the American dream Ė sells herself for the prestige Ė for a taste of power.

"If the girl who gets off with the westerner is good looking then Iíll feel sheís a slut Ė that means she goes for a bigger dick to satisfy her ego or self-esteem. Itís like you are really poor Ė but each time you go out you want to put on some expensive stuff to show people you are superior Ė but this stuff does not match the situation.

The western guy is an achievement to show her friends that sheís got something Ė or you may call this guy the girlís glory.
I would feel jealous because everyoneís jealous about a guy whoís going out with a girl who is a pretty lady Ė it's human nature."

The jealousy that Taiwanese males feel towards the westerner seems to be part of a wider cultural humiliation. The economic largesse of the United States and Japan has squeezed Taiwan of any self-identity and soaked it in colonial paraphernalia, symbols and systems. Taiwanese people are bought up to seek and lust after a material life whose design, evolution and style is dependent upon the coloniser. To be seen next to the coloniser, to take the coloniserís penis is to become closer to the coloniser, and closer to the essence that one has been bought up to seek.

"Too many Caucasians come to Taiwan. Theyíve got no job or education in their own country and they try to fool us, saying they have graduated from college and they tell the girls they are very rich. There are many beautiful arrogant Chinese girls - they feel proud when they stand next to a Caucasian - they think they're superior. They get this way of thinking from the movies.

Western people feel confident enough to ask any question to anyone here. If Asian people are abroad they are likely to be afraid to ask. Our American and British clients think that night markets are dirty. They only go to the best restaurants.

When we go abroad we suffer discrimination. When I went to buy a tube ticket in London, the guy at the counter couldnít understand me. He said 'It's too loud outside - go to the end of the queue. Go and line up again.' Once in France, I took my parents to the airport, we took a bus to get out of a hotel to go downtown - even the Black French guy I spoke to was arrogant and didnít want to speak to me.

We have taught ourselves that English speaking people are superior to ourselves. We feel superior to people from the Phillipines because they are the maids in our home. I donít know what it is that makes us like westerners. The movies tell us that they have a good life. We are educated to be humble and shy."

The western boys love it. They rejoice in it.

"Caucasian male foreigners are appreciated, even sought after, and you will see many Taiwanese female/foreign male relationships. Slim, blonde-haired, blue-eyed males will have to beat the girls off with sticks. Taiwanese women prefer tall, thin, men but a stocky guy like me never had any trouble dating here." (See Turton, 2006).

Itís rare to see western girls with Taiwanese boys. The male needs to dominate. The male cannot dominate a female coloniser. Similarly the female will not seek an unconfident male.

"Unless Taiwanese boys are able to convince the girls that they have a high status in their country, or can convince the girls of their true love, they wonít accept them. The development of a country reflects on the status of the boy and how he is perceived by the girl."

"Itís quite rare to see an Asian boy with a western girl. The latter tend to be more independent. I'm not sure why. If I saw a western girl with an Asian boy I would assume that the boy has been educated in a western country and has a strong personality."

So the Taiwanese boy feels humiliated next to the American man. The American man, whose tanks and planes roll into Taiwan at will, whose symbols and values dominate the Taiwanese cityscape, and whose penis is bigger. All of a sudden each Taiwanese man feels left out in the cold and feels like he can no longer satisfy a woman. The only option left is to become the woman. Each Taiwanese man becomes obsessed with the Americanís penis. Itís constantly on his mind. He wants to be satisfied by it and to satisfy with it.

Some Taiwanese men take a stand. The Taiwanese man who lives for the moment Ė who dares to use violence Ė who grows bigger than history Ė and tries to crush his penis anxiety.

"Shortly after we'd danced, some men told him that he had to go i.e. leave the club. Some men took him outside and before he knew it there were three men beating him up with a baseball bat and baton. They hit him in the face, on his back, stomach, legs and knees. They told the American that a woman he'd danced with in the club was pressing charges of sexual harrassment; that she had gone crying to security claiming that he'd grabbed her breast. (*Not that that could justify roughing someone up!) It was all mostly blur for him. At some point the police picked the American up and he made it to a police station where he reported the incident and made a statement with the help of a Taiwanese friend who translated for him. He also had to go to a hospital for treatment of his injuries. He was in pretty bad shape, his glasses were broken, face messed up, body bruised, head and body aching."
(See Feliís Blog - Feli wants to make clear that the Taiwanese men mentioned were making false accusations to beat the American up. The American did not sexually harass the woman or any other woman.)

But isnít this whole debate, this whole way of seeing things wrapped up in a sad maleís view of the world? A view of the world which sees women reduced to vaginas and vaginas locked up in little cages? Isnít this the worldview of a man who imprisons himself as he seeks to imprison women Ė doesnít everyone who wants to dominate, fear the influence of others Ė even if that influence is not really there? Is the Taiwanese man a sad little man?

"Men always say that Chinese girls prefer western men. But personally speaking this is not the case for me. To be honest I've never met a Chinese girl who professed a preference for western men. But if there are Chinese girls who do think like that, I imagine itís because itís an opportunity for them to speak English and it might open up the prospect of living in a different country. When one of my friends got married to a western boy, another said she is vain and likes the west more than the east."

"I think, generally, Taiwanese men are quite chauvinist - but they also admire western men - and they have quite low confidence in relation to western men. This is related to history. Taiwanese people were second class people under the Japanese and the KMT. When the US came over to support the KMT, the same happened and people thought that American men were generally better. For this reason, Taiwanese guys generally have low confidence. When Taiwanese men can't get a girl, and when the girl prefers a westerner, they will call the girl vain - and they'll look down on the girl. They assume the girl is looking for a one night stand. I think in their heart of hearts they would like to have a one night stand too."

James Johnson - December 2006

The Taiwanese - a people set adrift

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