The Black Hole - Being Reeled in By Mafia #1

One day something great will happen – in fact it’s already happening now.

“In 2000, during the Taiwan Straits Crisis - one of my Taiwanese friends was proposed to by her American boyfriend. He said ‘if China attacked how could I protect you?’ So they got married fast. It’s a threat which hangs in the air - you can’t see or touch it. Like SARS - how many people do you meet who have got SARS? Very few - the rumour spreads and it creates fear. Taiwanese society cannot resist being frightened. People use the fear to make people group together and to form more powerful units.”

“The threat of a Chinese invasion doesn’t stress me out. The most stressful period came after the first presidential election (which was won by the KMT) - because during this time the Chinese government fired missiles (the missiles went over Taiwan, over Taipei, and into the Ilan coast). We felt very stressed on the eve of the election. I spent all my money. At that time the Chinese government did not recognise the Taiwanese president. There would be no bigger event than us declaring independence. Now the Chinese government does not mind so much that we have elections, instead it makes comments about who it thinks we should elect.”

And what of the bravery of the independently minded Taiwanese? Truth, history and will, will wilt pathetically in the heat of the monster’s rage.

"It would happen in two or three days and then it would be over. They'd use missiles and take over the airports and government. In 1996 there was a joke that the morning after they had invaded you would hear the mainland anthem on the radio - and that everyone would be hanging a mainland Chinese flag outside their window to show their loyalty and friendliness to the Chinese government."

"China thinks we belong to it. I think we are all Chinese. I hope Taiwan becomes like Hong Kong, a special economic trading zone, with a separate political system."

A few puritans will take a stand – and be decimated.

But world – when Taipei falls – that will not be the end – it will just be the beginning.

First we take Taiwan then we take New York.

China’s peaceful rise.

James Johnson - December 2006

The Taiwanese - a people set adrift

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