The Taiwanese - a people set adrift

Bringing the World to Taipei

Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s biggest erection.

Since Taiwan came into existence it has fought an ongoing struggle for autonomy, recognition and existence in the eyes of the outside world.

West End Boys and Taiwanese Princesses

I used to know this forty-five year old pot belly American. He'd say to me, Chinese girls are so easy to fuck.

I'm not jealous of western boys. It’s just that the Taiwanese girls don’t appreciate their own culture. They trade their bodies for the prestige of being with a westerner. I can’t agree on the use of the body in this way - these bodies are so lovely.

The Black Hole: Being Reeled in by Mafia #1

Truth, history and will all begin to wilt pathetically in the heat of the monster’s rage – the monster which is being fuelled by the greed of the four corners of the world.

Buying Identities on Borrowed Money

In the old days, people tended to resist this kind of a lifestyle. They worked so hard to make a living by farming or low quality manufacturing. They hated the rich people who had luxury goods.

The advertisements are able to influence people because Taiwanese people don’t think independently. The advertisements tell them that the products they sell are symbols of success.

Queens Becoming Dogs: We Don't Speak Taiwanese

Under democracy people have found a new found confidence to express their Taiwanese identity but this has been accompanied by hatred towards those who came in the 1950s, and to those who could not speak Taiwanese.

Some of my classmates would call me a Chinese Dog or Pig - this is part of the new Taiwanese political ideology.

Organic is putting it politely: Finding an Adjective for Taiwanese urban sprawl

Each family creates whatever building is necessary for their survival and development. The result is a mishmash of dirty old rickety houses and flats.

Houses look like sheds or garages. For the untrained eye, it’s sometimes difficult to work out whether any given building is a mechanic's shop front or someone's front room.

Finding New Aches and Pains: Sacrificing the Ultimate Sacrifice
I play basketball with friends every Sunday. Eighty percent of us are not in the army - we've all tried to find a problem stopping us from being conscripted.

It’s not just us, these days, parents don’t want their children going into the army because they see it as a waste of two years.

The Family Mind: How to Think in Groups

The business families plan the careers and social ascent of their children.

The family mind gives Taiwanese people a sense of security and strength. There are a whole load of things which stress the individual westerner out but from which the family mind protects the Taiwanese individual.

Where is the Taiwanese Public Energy?

Taipei is a grey dirty city – there’s a lot going on – but it's far too orderly. In the urban centres, there's no sense of anticipation, excitement or romance.

Sometimes I feel like there must be some secret places where people spend their money. I read somewhere that many Taiwanese spend their spare money on travelling.

Modesty, A Great Value

Whilst the Taiwanese business classes love western fashion, in general, the urban young don’t dress extravagantly or try to show off their figures.

Similary, whilst cars have become the new idol of Taiwanese society, the ones driven around by the monied classes are stately and grand rather than flashy.

On the Periphery: Politics, Alcohol and Anger

Apparently, the Taiwanese people do not like to speak about politics in public. They are not used to it.

In Lanyu, an island off the east coast inhabited by Australasians, one inhabitant, who was angry from the moment he walked through the door of this old kitchen - turned around and told me with some gusto that 'the Taiwanese President gave nothing to the inhabitants of the island - save some beautiful names'. He dropped a piece of fish on the floor and stamped on it several times with his foot.

This Collection of Articles Was Compiled: 2006

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