Just Jack
MERCURY 29.01.07

If any unsuspecting individual purchased Overtones in the hope that it was a sound recording of Jack McFarland’s one man show from Will and Grace they couldn’t be more disappointed. Instead of an all singing, all dancing, über-camp New Yorker they will have been confronted by a lyrical wordsmith from Camden.

Performing under the pseudonym of Just Jack, Jack Allsopp is more than just a Mike Skinner copycat, which is workshy journalists’ first port of call. Initially signed to Chas Smash’s ill-fated RGR, Overtones is his first release for Mercury and is a masterpiece. And that’s not a phrase I use lightly!

A quick witted lyricist, Allsop takes inspiration from the world around him. An article on Pop Idol’s Michelle McManus was the stimulus for forthcoming single ‘Starz In Their Eyes’. Anyone considering auditioning for X-Factor 2007 should listen carefully and think again,
“It’s a long way to come from the Dog and Duck karaoke machine / Saturday nights drunken dreams!”

In its funkier moments Overtones has the potential to cause its listeners to spontaneously burst into a head bopping frenzy. Just Jack is equally adept at creating dark, atmospheric landscapes, as on ‘Lost’, which focuses on the extra-marital activities of a man who’s seemingly got it all.

Invest those extra pennies in Overtones and you won’t be disappointed!

Nathan Shipley