The Frames
ANTI 08.01.07

Masters of their craft, The Frames travelled across the channel to France to record The Cost, their sixth studio album. Despite having plied their trade successfully for 14 years they weren’t about to rest on their laurels as Glen Hansard explains their new approach,
“It’s true that the studio can kill the spontaneous feel of a song. So we rehearsed the songs until we knew them backwards, spent ten days getting all the sounds correct and then spent the next ten days recording the songs live, with no overdubs!”

The Cost is an immensely personal album about love, relationships and all their intricacies. Such intense subject matter is handled perfectly using haunting violins, delicate piano and understated drums. Hansard’s tortured wailings are never used superfluously but always pertinent to the atmosphere of the song.

Following the lyrics as I listened allowed for a greater appreciation of The Frames song-writing ability. Nowhere is this better displayed than on ‘True’,
“I find it so hard to be true / And all these lies I’m telling you / Are little anchors in my chest / That pull us down into this mess.”

If Scrubs impresario Zach Braff was from Ireland, The Frames would surely feature as regularly on soundtracks from his films as The Shins do!

Nathan Shipley