This Et Al
@ Leeds Cockpit

Fair play to the This Et Al boys, in a venue the size of the Cockpit, they really held their own. Throw in the fact that most of the crowd of under-21s queuing around the block to get in were there to see Minus The Bear, and a feat it was indeed.

The four-piece obviously enjoyed their homecoming – despite the message that their stage presence may have given. For this group seemed to be the shy type, men who would rather communicate through their politically-charged songs than by jumping around the stage. Although the most striking part of their performance, to me at least, were the odd glove / wristbands that Wu, the lead singer and guitarist, was sporting. “Surely they’re not practical” I found myself thinking halfway through ‘Wardens’, by far their best track both live and recorded.

As covered in the album sampler review, This Et Al like to make their statements bold and clear, it’s just a shame that no-one else has caught on to this yet. If they are lucky and manage to get their songs released to the wider audience, it seems very possible that we could see them at Leeds & Reading next year, with a dedicated group of followers bouncing along and shouting choruses with more vigour than the band can expect. After all, who could complain about 100 kids screaming lines like “I’ve never heard anyone say / fuck you to The Man”.

Enjoyable, but need to cut their teeth before they blow anyone away.

Simon Middleyard