Girls with balls. There, I got the cheesy bit out of the way, and now for my thoughts…

McQueen are the sort of band that you would expect to have some tattooed- and half-naked bloke leading, who screams so loud that the words become one looooong noise. But McQueen do something both like that and rather different. Sure, the riffs and tunes are undeniably rock/metal/punk and the subject matter familiar, but Leah Duors really catches the attention with her vocals.

Sounding like Pink after a LOT more whisky and fags (but with a tune), she slips between singing and screaming like so many 80s rock Gods. And the guitars are rather good too. Very air guitar.

“Break The Silence” is one of those albums with the power to win over a good deal of fans. Sure, the songs at the basic level are very much the same as, most recently, The Glitterati have been doing (and we all know where their influences are from), but with a different dynamic. It really is amazing how ear-catching a front-woman is.

Just take a listen, especially to “Neurotic”, “Break The Silence” and “Not For Sale”, with the fantastic chorus ‘Don’t remind me I’m a girl / Stop talking to my chest’.

“Break The Silence” is an album that you have to listen carefully to the first time, then you can have it on anywhere and certain lines will jump out and bite you. It surprised me, and showed that there may well be a market for grrrl rock.

Ladies, go get this album and do some serious rocking out.
Lads, behave and you won’t get hurt.

Simon Middleyard