The Noisettes

Fitting very nicely into the building ‘scene’ of 2007, The Noisettes are story-driven with guitar-led tunes you can dance to. Sound a bit fluffy? Well, maybe that’s because the band lean so many different ways. They’re story-driven in the vein of Jamie T and Lily Allen (but not so whiney), guitar-heavy ala The View and danceable like…well everyone else. There are riffs that overlap Klaxons, Just Jack, Mika and Amy Winehouse’s latest hits, setting them as very, well, NOW.

The duel vocals of Shingai and Dan lend an extra dynamic that is experimented with cleverly, especially on tracks like “The Count Of Monte Cristo” (one of their slower, more folky offerings) and “Hierarchy”. Inevitably, there are shades of White Stripes at points, with the stripped-bare sound and fe/male vocals, but this is only for the better.

Standout tracks include “Scratch Your Name”, with its sexy squeals and riff-laden chorus, single “Sister Rosetta (Capture The Spirit)”, which conjures up visions of sweaty students at Indie Nights, and “Mind The Gap”, which is a journey through genres in itself.

Reportedly a live experience not to be missed, The Noisettes may well prove to be a growing phenomena, like The Feeling in ’06 and Arctic Monkeys in ’05. Only time will tell…

Simon Middleyard