The Hedrons

Sometimes, like Monday evening, back at work after the weekend and struggling to accept there is a whole week ahead, you just need to set the dials to 11 and pump up something loud on the stereo.
Guiding me though this particular Monday downer are The Hedrons, a grungy, loud, simple and squealy band from Glasgow. Track one is the second single, Heatseeker. Not my favourite, but the distorted guitar, in your face vocals and refusal to play a guitar figure more than a few notes long is a solid introduction to the world of noise to come. Track two tips a wink to the New Wave era but chucks in muscular guitars and Riot Gurrl vocal athletics. Guitar playing never gets fancier than, say, Lenny Kaye’s in the Patti Smith Group but if it’s good enough for the goddess of punk, it’s good enough for these lassies. I Need You cops a lick from Iggy Pop’s The Passenger and elbows it’s way past feedback guitars. The fourth song – Be My Friend – won our praise when it was their first single for its pure, fresh attack and sheer punk audacity, fusing girl group scenario with raw attitude and pulse-racing bravado.

The Hedrons are an all-female Glaswegian four-piece band that take sounds from bands from decades past (The Runaways, The Ramones, early Penetration, Blondie, Ash) and roll them all together without ever sounding like they are trying for that effect. They succeed at sounding like this is exactly what they want to play, so I guess it is. The sound is relentless and loud, loud even with the volume down. Soup, the drummer, is a whirlwind of flailing arms; Rosie, on guitar, is blistering and loves turning up the feedback; Tippi, the singer, has a catch to the voice and a way of letting it crack just a tiny bit in that classic rock chick way; Chi, on bass, is just a solid wall of thrum.

The rest of the album, after the already mentioned four openers, is the same mix of noise, crude tunes and hooks. Hard rockin’ fun. One more won’t kill me but it might leave me smiling and deaf….

Ross McGibbon