The Bird & The Bee

It’s obvious from the very first track of The Bird & The Bee’s eponymous debut album that they fit into a growing genre. One that recently has seen Natasha Bedingfield turn into Joss Stone turn into Lilly Allen – the floaty, pop-heavy, female fronted, bad-mouthed attitude monster that will, and has, stormed the charts. Perhaps this is why the duo are supporting Ms Allen on her current US tour.

Opener “Again and again” is typical of the album. It’s melodic and casual – very much a summer song. “The Bird & The Bee” (track two) continues this, with squiggly effects ala The Beach Boys. Perfect tunes for a night of chilling out in the early evening sun.

The third track kicks this idea in the nuts. Titled “Fucking boyfriend”, it becomes a bit more rap, and is dominated by the profanity in the chorus. Frustration and spite are obvious here, but I question whether the language is really necessary here, especially given that there is no other swearing in the rest of the album.

As we progress, we see the mindset of Inara George, the voice of The Bird & The Bee, come through. “My Fair Lady” is a request to be spoiled – an idealistic vision, all candlelit dinners and champagne, which then swings violently into “I Hate Camera”, which is about, well, not liking having her picture taken. “Preparedness” is half kind warning and half threat, as she compares her heart to an atom bomb. Pretty dangerous stuff.

So the subject may not be new, and the vocals sound a little familiar, but the overall package is impressive. Maybe not for me, but if you enjoy the band’s predecessors, knock yourself out!

Simon Middleyard