30:30 RECORDS 12.3.07

Kubichek! are one of those bands whose music is at once familiar and distinct. With a sound somewhere in the mix of Idlewild, The Departure and Franz Ferdinand, there are elements of punk, indie, rock and MOR obvious across the album, sometimes all appearing in the same track.

The album’s title, “Not Enough Night” is the main refrain in “Night Joy”, a tale of boozy nights out and their consequences – a theme that is central to the entire album. On their My Space site, the band list their influences as “Rubbish parties, rubbish nightclubs, rubbish bands, rubbish jobs” and it feels like it’s years of frustration at all of these that creates the spiky, accusatory sound evident here.

“Roman Is Better” is a strong opener, nodding heavily towards 100 Broken Windows-era Idlewild, as does, somewhat fittingly, “Hope Is Important”. “Taxi” could have been co-written by Arctic Monkeys, while “Method Acting” has an accomplished sound that flatters the band. It was “Opening Shot” which stood out as the main attraction to me though.

The album overall, despite having that ‘debut’ feel, shifts smoothly, with each track managing to stand up for itself. No doubt after just one listen through there will be two or three tracks that stick in your head. Impressive.

Simon Middleyard