HI VOLTAGE 19.3.07

I’ll admit to a moment’s excitement when I saw The KBC’s name. A band named after India’s number one quiz show – Kaun Banega Crorepati – the country’s very own Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (or more specifically, Who Wants To Have One Hundred Thousand Rupees). Once I had got over the disappointment of not hearing the commanding tones of the presenter asking “Computer, ji?”, I gave myself over to the jerky insistence of the album.

“Hello! Were you looking to buy from me?” Poisonous Emblem is a bizarre market stall of a song and opens up this set to the, now familiar, nu-rave sound. Indie fused with funky dance sounds. Kudos to the rounded crunchy bass sound and the relentless stompy dance and jangly guitar. Despite the ubiquitous nature of the genre, this is a sound that makes me want to hit a sweaty dance-floor and The KBC seem as good at it as many, certainly offering up heavier beats than a few of the soggier contributors to NME’s last Nu-Rave tour.

Trippin is well known and has an even heavier thump to it and niggling, stabbing guitar. The whole thing reminds me, as I’ve said before, of the heady days of The Gang Of Four et al. I just hope it doesn’t all end, as the original scene did, in the wet white boy funk doldrums. The Preston Boys go on to deliver more of the same – thrashy guitar, spikey noises, distant vocals, dancing beats. It’s not new but it moves me across the album, occasionally bopping round the room, smiling intensely. This is another one to add to my ‘setting the mood for going out’ pile.

Ross McGibbon