Robert Fox
AD MUSIC 2/3/07

A tricky one to write about. AD Music specialise in electronica that belongs, generally, in a specilised sub-genre, one where releases rarely break free to the public’s wider attention. Yet the devotees of artists like Robert Fox, David Wright, Code Indigo et al wax lyrical about each nuance.

This release is characterised by sweeping synths and keyboard-based breathy almost-choirs. Tinkling grand piano sounds add breadth and melodic progression. If you’d been around the Full Moon Beach on Ko Phan Gan in the early nineties you’d recognise this sound as the signature of Enigma’s first (and subsequent) albums. The stoner head-trip of a lazy day, hiding from the sun under a shady straw roof. Or maybe you were back in the rainy UK, where the sound was nearly as ubiquitous. You’d not be surprised then when, now and again, a stranger sound, like maybe a gamelan sampled, appears or even when, surprise, Gregorian chant materialises, followed by unintelligible female talking. It’s all very familiar but also enjoyable. For me it soundtracked, variously, a journey to work, a stretch at the computer and, best of all, a lazy Saturday morning reading the paper in bed.

Nothing new at all but a collection with a symphonic sweep and tunes that go somewhere.

Ross McGibbon