Jon Redfern

Jon doesnt half have a touch of the Nick Drakes about his voice. Its not in the base of it but more in the way he uses it and, I feel, stems from his background steeped in British folk and song-writerism.

This opens really strongly with Im Still Young, supported by a jaunty fiddle that runs the thing along nicely. After that were into some drippier territory that isnt really my thing. You know, drifting and dreamy. Contemporary sounds blend with the kind of timelessness of seventies John Martyn records. The mid to fast tempo work has more soul than the slower things which seem to get lost under their own sense of self-worth. That said, the careful use of acoustic instruments with resonance adds a stately candour to the proceedings the sound of a double bass or a carefully miked sax or a cello is always going to grab the attention.

Its a lovingly recorded collection and, whilst some of it floats past me, only half of it grabbing my attention, it makes a beautiful sound that shows the care that went into it.

Ross McGibbon