The Mission
The Mission – GOD IS A BULLET

Conclusive proof that you can’t judge a book (or album) by its cover – I was expecting a chunk of metal and noise when I put this on to play, and was very pleasantly surprised! 2007 is The Mission’s 21st anniversary and, although they may not be the best-known band in the UK, their experience is obvious across this album.

“Still Deep Waters” opens, with one of those flanger-heavy effects-strewn noises that suggests the worst, but by the chorus they’ve pulled it back. The track grows to a rich, melodic end, before sliding straight into the electro intro of “Keep It In The Family”. The band’s Press Release describes the, um, controversial, nature of this song, but it is never laboured. You can interpret the lyrics as you wish, and that suits me fine.

“Belladonna” sounds like a barely-concealed threat at first listen, but transpires to be about cross-dressing and is actually quite amusing when you focus on the words. Other highlights include “Hdshrinkerea” (which, while looking like a mis-spelled Oasis cover, is a solid slice of rock with a chorus you can chant along with), the improbably-named “Running With Scissors” and “Blush”, which has a pop edge and is easily the most Indie track on the album.

“God Is A Bullet” shows off what the band are clearly best at; balladic rock, in all its forms, widened by the use of electro and, at times, moving into stadium rock. The sort of album that could make you drive very fast on a summers day with the windows down, after a few listens the songs come to you and you just can’t help but sing along.

Simon Middleyard