Bekki Williams
Bekki Williams – EDGE OF HUMAN
AD MUSIC 1.5.07

Absolutely packed with huge cheesy melodies, this album really annoyed me. It’s a sweeping synth album, very like a film score in its feel, but for a heart warming and inspirational film. A good deal of it reminded me of Vangelis’ Chariots Of Fire. Now that sold trillions of records so maybe that’s a good thing but the obviousness of it grated badly on me, as does this. I have a hell of a time getting over the eighties production sounds. For example the sequencers on track one just took me to the Human League’s Together in Electric Dreams – hardly a high point in their career. I have enjoyed some other releases from this label and I puzzled for some time over what distinguished this release, given that I am capable of rather enjoying pompous synth offerings. I narrowed it down to a sense of superficiality swept under a carpet of frills and other decoration. The layering of glossy sounds seemed all about surface and that’s a shame – it might be hiding good music from me but somehow I don’t think it is.

Then again, lay this against a sufficiently epic movie about triumphing over the odds film and it would scarcely grate at all.

Ross McGibbon