With influences from N.W.A. to The Beach Boys & The Sex Pistols, Im expecting a lot of different sounds from this album. Riding off the hype from a bootleg in which he rapped over the Arctic Monkeys track When The Sun Goes Down Shameless got established in the UK hip hop scene. Then he came with some very good guest spots on many artists albums which got him more established in the UK hip-hop scene and then came his time to write & record his own album.

So I picked up the advance copy of Shameless - Smokers Die Younger. Id already heard the singles Live Fast and No Hats, No Trainers and was bursting to hear more. The album starts on quite a dark tip with the intro Pass The Light and Everyday (In A Broken Dream) however then seems to liven up a bit with Dead Superstars featuring Shameless' very own, The Paddyragga Band. The next track, Addicted, was the slow romantic song of the album - after all you cant have a good album without the typical slow 'lurve' song! I now came to a song Ive heard quite a few times on the radio; No Hats No Trainers featuring "Potty mouth". Plan B is definitely one of the liveliest tracks on the album with a brilliant video to match. An equally awesome track is Some Things, which really revealed Shameless' full ability as an MC, with some speedy spitting and sharp clever lines.

Continuing the album are the songs Get Away and The Calling, Get Away talking about how Shameless wants to "Leave this all behind, the rain, the cold, the streets, the crime" And The Calling describing how hiphop is Shameless' calling. Finally the bonus tracks; Bless The Remix (Ft. TB, MG & sEanie T), Flowers By The Road Side and Start Moving (Ft. TB) really do complete the album. Bless The Remix is a brilliant collab track and perfect for any cannabis fanatic as the whole track is about smoking "bless". However Flowers By The Road Side again brings a dark tip to the album describing a gruesome murder. And last but by no means least the album is perfectly rounded off with Start Moving featuring the London rapper TB. Start Moving makes a great party tune and really is one of those songs you just can't help moving to!

In conclusion I feel every track on the album is well worth listening to & this is one of the few albums Ive heard where you can just put it on and listen through it without having to skip any tracks and my advice to you is to go and buy this album! You will not regret it!

High Points:
No Hats No Trainers (Ft. Plan B)
Some Things
Start Moving (Ft. TB)

5/5 Album!