Despite the daft orchestral opening track, “Raise The Stakes” bursts to life on track two with “Come To Love”, an Indie/Electro crossover that will please lovers of both genres. It twists and turns, but largely relies on electric wibbliness, which makes it sound not a bit unlike Pet Shop Boys… who are probably the fairest comparison for the album as a whole.

Track three “Over Again” gets a bit nu-rave, and is annoying catchy, then things get distinctly mellow with “The Circle I’m In”. The band make effective use of strings to accompany the electro in several tracks, which give it some depth - in fact, every track has someone new adding a different dimension to the music, which keeps things interesting.

Tracks that stand out include “Stuck In A Rut”, “It Wasn’t Right” (which sounds like a hidden track on Athlete’s debut “Vehicles And Animals”) and “Toe The Line”.

Over the 43 minutes of electric poppyness, we see many different sides to Trademark, but it’s difficult to decide exactly who they are pitching their music towards. Maybe they’re going for lazy clubbers, perhaps they are having a go at ‘Nu-rave’, but ultimately they seem to fall back into 80s disco, which may be cool and retro, or may miss the mark slightly.

Simon Middleyard