The Films

ďItís been a circus of a weekendĒ says Michael Trent. And itís a circus of a song. Big and stompy in a glam way. Spiky guitar ala Graham Coxon and a marginally Bolan-esque tinge to the vocals make this something to love. And thatís just track one. As they say, ďitís turning out to be a good dayĒ.

The album is truculent and full of attitude but with a grin on its lips. The band are a bit of a mystery. Formed in 2003, they held back on an album till now, apparently gigging around the southern States, doing barroom covers, waiting till now to get the album out from their New York base. And why did we have to wait? This is an immediate headrush. It sucks spirit from The Flaming Groovies as much as the kitchen sink narrative of the Artic Monkeys across the Atlantic and fuses it with an enthusiasm and raw excitement that is infectious.

This isnít an easy album to write about Ė I loved it immediately and that gets in the way of critical judgement. Itís speedy, adrenaline-fueled and demands turning up to 11. Whatever they learnt in the years preceding this release, it was worth it. Maybe it was how to cook a song till an audience is frenzied, maybe it was tension and dynamics, maybe pacing. All those are present here but mostly it is exuberant joy that shines out of the laser grooves, jumping straight into my heart. Itís like a Stateside take on glam rock seen through a punk sensibility but playing only contemporary Britpop like the Monkeys, Dirty Pretty Things, etc.

Jumping about to this is some of the best fun weíve had this year.

Ross McGibbon