The Maccabees

Despite a bit of a false start in “Good Old Bill”, the Maccabees debut gets going in a big way with “X-Ray”. With a riff sounding a bit like Rocket From The Crypt’s “On A Rope”, it’s a real rock track in the Indie / Nu-wave genre. Live, the crowd chant along with the chorus, which is difficult not to echo when walking down the street.

“All In Your Rows” is more stripped back and, bringing the drums to the fore, is a real foot-tapper, while following track “Latchmere” is the highlight of the album. Opening with ‘swimming’ repeated over and over, it sounds rather like Dogs Die In Hot Cars. For a song that focuses on a swimming pool, it is astonishingly catchy and a real singalong.

“About Your Dress” contains the brilliant lyric “You stood out like a sore thumb / the most beautiful sore thumb I’ve ever seen” and is one of many tracks on this album that play with tempo, keeping the band’s sound fresh and interesting.

“Precious Time” does this as well and is probably the most obvious single on the album, which is most likely the reason why it has been released at the time that The Maccabees are just starting to ‘make it’.

Amongst other tracks, “First Love” has the sound of Athlete, while “Lego” stands out, not only because of it’s odd title, but also as a story of nostalgia.

A dynamic album with a song for everyone, produced by a band who must have greatness to come. I urge you to go out and buy this album.

Simon Middleyard