Frank Turner
@ Leeds Metropolitan University

I’m not really familiar with Frank Turner or his former band, Million Dead, but I know that, on the way up from Leicester to Leeds, he had a party in the car and it was “fucking intense”! Had to be there, I s’pose.

Supporting British rock darlings Biffy Clyro and the underrated yourcodenameis:milo, Frank steps out on stage with an acoustic guitar, but do not go thinking the former hardcore frontman has turned into a right James Blunt or a campfire minstrel. Nope, Frank has brought a bloody great big soapbox to stand on and by gum is he gonna use it! One track is called ‘Thatcher Fucked The Kids’, which may sound like a diatribe half-inched from the Red Wedge era, but spits enough bile to make sure all those who are watching don’t leave the hall dry.

Sure, there’s nothing particularly new in his approach, but the passion is there and Frank’s half-hour set finishes up on a high note with a sizeable portion of the crowd joining in on ‘The Ballad Of Me & My Friends’. If you look beyond the inevitable Billy Bragg comparisons, you’ll see that, despite the miniscule set-up, Frank Turner is breaking out of the restrictions imposed by hardcore and emerging as a talent to watch over the next few years.

Ross Halewood