Neilís Children
@ Leeds Cockpit

Neilís Children have been around a while. I first saw them support Razorlight on their first headline tour. Now, still playing support in small venues, what is there to say? They impressed me the first time and, here three and a half years later they are more polished but thatís not going to surprise anyone, is it? They are a trio with a big, svelte and sleek sound. Theyíve nailed the visual rock show routines Ė the synchronised step back or forwards.

The guitarist focuses hard, playing guitar to the drummer as he seeks to work up a frenzy. He makes nice solid guitar figures and indulges in feedback drone for effect, topping beaty breaks. The bass still palys a thrumming style. Vocals are lost in the mix, just adding to the soup of carefully angled feedback, artful bass and a drummer who plays splashy instead of straight ahead. They do that old fast / slow thing but work the loud into big fun excursions.

Itís a sulky crowd, all dead serious and itís only the support band. A couple manage to keep their hoods up throughout the gig. Miserable suckers! Neilís Children manage to impress them, not that youíd know it.

Ross McGibbon