One Night Only
@ Leeds Cockpit

When you have two guitars you can let complex fun happen if you work at it. One guitar is sparky and electric, one cross-cuts and sets up patterns. It’s fun. One Night Only are a five piece and make space for a big sound. The bouncy and wired (as is traditional) keyboardist leads a lot, in the mode of many bigger bands, while the singer / guitarist is chatty in an abashed way. The drummer is exceptionally busy and sonically upfront. One Night Only are from York and have brought a home crowd along – Mr Chat pushes them along.

Their songs belong to a bigger, more middle-of-the-road band, delivered here fast and light and catchy. The repertoire is impressive, full of hooks and accelerando / deccelerando. Sometimes you should follow the hype – a band with material and hard work, given the oxygen of attention and money sometimes grows to a wonderful thing (viz. Razorlight) or the flame may never quite catch on an equivalent talent for no apparent reason (viz. Four day Hombre).

Ross McGibbon