The Pigeon Detectives
@ Leeds Town Hall

The hype about this Leeds five piece is mind blowing. From no where to GMTV in the blink of an eye, this band has got everyone talking about them. They are quite literally the flavour of the moment.

On the night the band keeps the venue waiting for forty minutes before coming on stage after the tour main support band, Air Traffic, finish. To me, this delay highlights the blatant lack of material the band has. The crowd on the other hand seem to love this as it gives these foul hungry observees more time to shout the obligatory “Yorkshire” chant. The anticipation at this point is palatable with me and several other photographers at the front getting soaked with several pints of something moist.

The band arrives (eventually) on a blacked out stage wearing leather jackets and skinny jeans. The crowd erupts into frenzy as Matt on vocals dishes out his Leeds banter. The venue is then immersed in an impressive lights display that turns the interior of The City Hall into a veritable holocaust of light and fury. They burst straight into song with “I Found Out” which turned out to be a great first song as it was loud, loud, loud and had the crowd romping along screaming out the hook “I can’t stand, I’m just no good for you” I was struck by how much the band sounds similar to the ‘Mod bands of old giving a particular nod to The Kinks.

The band on stage was impressive. Matt on vocals quickly got lathered up from his jumping/ crowd penetrating actions. The rest of the band performed cohesively and were not often seen to be joking between songs but rather focusing on the job at hand. This band has obviously been plenty gigged and was not put off by the bottle throwing antics of the audience. The musicianship of the band seemed be of a high standard with an impressive effort coming from Oliver on guitar who seemed to be playing the majority of the harder lines. I particularly enjoyed seeing the band act as a whole as they all put a lot of effort into this home town performance and it was refreshing to see a hyped band that weren’t afraid of putting their all into their shows.

The band chose not to do an encore (see above!!) They finished up with “I’m Not Sorry” and seemed to have the entire population of Leeds shouting along with them. This quirky number was released as a single on the 21st of May and went straight in at number eleven. Matt on vocals soon realised this and left the audience alone to sing the chorus’ for him choosing instead to whirl around on stage like a madman. The band at this point seemed to relax a little too and really let loose getting caught up with the climax of the show.

This band has hit a scene which at the moment seems to be swamped with Indie bands full of local lads talking about local stuff. They seem to be everywhere with their accents and crosses to bear with little to distinguish between bands such as Milburn, Little Man Tate, The Enemy and The Dodgems. For me this band stands apart with their catchy pop tuneage that is instantly addictive and rememberable. I can only hope that this time next year this band will have a longer set of songs to please an obviously addicted audience.

Tom Broughton