Red Star Rebels
@ Bradford Rios

Red Star Rebels take the stage with their guitarist perched in an alcove across the hall. Eh?

Ah! Its radio pick-ups and they go on to show them off - careening all over the place with nary a wire to tangle, roaming the stage and the dancefloor. Red Star Rebel are a band in the LA GnR mould following the three Ps: pose, pose and pose again. Its a lot of fun. One guitar is forever wheeling back and forth up and down the stage, the other struts and jumps. The singer shins up the lighting scaffold and waves himself around. The rest of the time he rests his thumb in his waistband, hand over cock, doing a strut. The band get to pair up in various combos that suggest serious mirror time.

And Ive managed not to mention the music yet because it combines instant likeability with instant forgetability. Its a cheese version of hard-rock and a clich that makes for a good time on a Friday night. Red Star Rebels are a hard-working band and made an impact on me at the time but I cant remember the songs now. The posey images, though are still wedged in what is left of my brain.

So lets just give you loads more photos than our normal ration to give you a taste.
And, yeah, the second shot does show a pair of black panties hanging from the mic stand. Now that's class!

Ross McGibbon