The Cribs
@ Keele University

The Jarman brothers kicked off their new tour, coinciding with the album release of "Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever," at Keele University on the 21st and I was a lucky bunny indeed! They strutted onto the stage with their usual flair taunting their loyal fans with hand gestures and whispers between themselves before the purple haze of lights illuminated the stage and they kicked off into their first song. After some friendly chatting and Ryan screaming "Who loves themselves?" they transformed themselves and started playing "Hey Scenesters," sending their own version of The Others 853 to shame. With the moshing and beer flying, the groundwork was firmly in place for one of their most memorable visits to Stoke yet. Repeatedly asking if we were glad they were back while flouncing about the stage with a presence that would put Maximo Park's frontman to shame, we were indeed glad they were back. We danced to new and old hits alike, with a vast array of students, dads and some just plain weirdos. The audience was varied and so was the tempo, sometimes excitable, mostly deliciously satisfied, we were hooked. They played some tracks from their new album and thanked the fans who were ever so proud to announce their most recent addition to their CD collection, welcomed with waving arms and much bouncing. Ryan, although not the lead singer, was definitely the focus of all attention on the night, and upon seeing some crowd surfing amongst the ranks, decided to cash in on the action, tossing his tools aside and throwing himself into the arms of the heaving crowd. We were pleased, we stole his shoes, and some cheeky minx's were spotted biting his bum! But at the end of the night the sweaty masses were happy, and that's what mattered the most. The Jarmans cast aside their instruments and bid us farewell, and some of us were really convinced tonight would be the night for an encore... But that's what keeps us coming back, their unpredictability, their flair and musical skills, along with their showmanship. It really was a night to remember and I for one am eagerly awaiting their return.

Lyndsey Green