The Zico Chain
@ York Fibbers

So The Zico Chain are playing? So what!!

…..Two minutes later and my quick Myspace reconnoitre has taught me that this three piece from sunny Manchester have toured with Wolfmother, Alkaline Trio and Thursday. They’re opening the Download festival on the main stage for the second time in two years and that their forthcoming album was produced by LA based rock prophet Joe Baresi who has so far thrown out the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Tool from his semi-legendary studio, Sound City....

So The Zico Chain are playing? Hell Yea!!

These guys have been touring extensively for the past few months in the build up to the release of their single Where Would You Rather Be with Hassle Records. A brief stopover at Donnington is penned in before carrying on with their tour into the foreseeable future.

“Suck it up York!” seems to be the theme of The Zico Chains set tonight as the band proceed to tear York a new one with their sleazy, solid, hard rocking sound. On stage sporting black jeans, black hair, tattoos and chains these guys look the business and seem not to be intimidated by the audience being left drained and lethargic from the previous effort of one of the support bands. However this lacklustre is blasted away when the band rip into their first song of the night. The gutsy bass drum led sound combines well with the heavy groove style of bassist Chris followed by the frantic thrashy sound of Guitarist Paul. They have a savage sound which seems to appeal to audiences looking for an alternative to what the music scene has to offer at the moment.

Their 4th song, the previously mentioned soon to be released single, Where Would You Rather Be, really gets the audience going. The song has a no frills hard rock sound which ear marks the influences the band takes after. The song goes straight into a heavy disjointed riff which screams Queens of the Stone Age. Lyrics such as ”no future that’s for sure, so stop trying and pray for cures” echoes their Nirvana influence. The song changes pace with a lighter chorus and a catchy if not clichéd hook gets sung. Homage is paid again to Kurt Cobain later in a melancholic interlude in which Chris on vocals shows he can sing as well as scream/ maul a microphone.

Ultimately though, is seems that this band were wasted on such a small venue such as York, especially with the meagre crowd that occupied it tonight. But credit where its due, this band weren’t held back by it and still put on an impressive show. Watch out for The Zico Chain in the future: with massive exposure for these Mank’ rockers coming soon: it’s a matter of time before they are gracing the covers of the likes of Kerrang or NME.

Tom Broughton