Calvin Harris
Out now

I was born in the 80's, so I was immediately accepted by Calvin Harris, apparently. Initially I loved the track "Respectable In The 80's" but due to some... shall we call it... incessant overkill from radio and telly alike, I thought that Mr Harris had done himself a mischief and might befall the fate of many one hit wonders before him. However "The Girls" was released and I was hooked. I trotted down to my local HMV and purchased this little gem of an album and immediately became besotted with his electro synth dance music, and 'bangin' choons'. The first couple of songs seemed kind of repetitive with "This Is The Industry" reminding me of Daft Punk, and a nod to 'Visage's' "Fade To Grey" in the chorus of "Colours". It wasn't until after the two released songs "Acceptable In The 80's" and "The Girls" had finished that the album really began. First came "Neon Rocks" a proud homage to the 'Nu Rave' and when the lyrics, (“Sparking at my neon rocks/Pulling out inside pink socks”) kick in, your album has arrived. Calvin's sense of humour and sense of appreciation for the great pioneers of the great 80's dance scene shines through the whole of this tasty debut offering.. I'm not sure about Calvin Harris creating disco, but he's certainly keeping it alive!!

Lyndsey Green