Pieta Brown

Folk is not a genre of music where I can claim anything resembling expertise. I set Pieta Brown’s album, “Remember The Sun”, to play with apprehension. I didn’t know what to expect. What I got was eleven songs sung by a talented young woman with a deep, meaningful tone to her voice.

Pieta’s music is emotional. Many of the tracks are slower numbers, making good use of the woman’s obvious skill for sad ballad like songs. Her accent reaches out to you through her words. It seems so perfect for the style she’s singing, it’s easy to believe that she was born to this.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like it too much. Folk really isn’t my thing. But putting my prejudices aside, I can hear a genuinely beautiful, moving voice. I’m impressed. This girl could match Katie Melua if she was given the mainstream chance.

It isn’t only the vocals that catch your attention – the acoustic accompaniment of strings, mainly guitar but with the inclusions of violins and other more classical instruments, add to the mellow atmosphere this music generates. Stand out songs include track three, “Sonic Boom”, which has a little more of an upbeat tempo, and also “West Monroe”, a track that shares a few bluesy aspects alongside the country theme.

Overall, this album is extremely relaxing and a nice, clean cut listen. Pieta merges classic country and folk with hints of blues and even guitar roots of rock. She brings something new and modern to the world with her music and should be commended.

Even if, as I say again, folk really isn’t my thing.

Kat Humphries