The PR blurb describes this record as punk – as in 1976 and all that. Me, I was there (okay, not 1976 but 1978) and this is very different but still fun. Falling firmly into the category I like to call ‘shouty metal’, these Norwegians thrash a lot and shout over the top in increasingly hoarse voices. They are punk in that they eschew posey bombast in favour of a sparer sound with jittering aggressive guitars. Also punk in the noisy attack and short blasts of double expresso energy served up as songs.

From what I can figure out from the sleeve notes, preferring live performance to the sterility of a studio, they worked up loads of lyrics then went into a studio for little blasts of time to thrash out some music to go with each. Lyrics address alienation, consumption of commodity, being an outsider, apathy, man’s inhumanity to man and marketing. Add an essay on veganism and you’d have the lyrics off a Crass album (and I know the lads’d find that a compliment). Only thing is, the words are less comprehensible than those of the Essex crew! It’s loud, scream, shouty and very very hoarse. It’s a healthy slab of attitude, however, and cleared the cobwebs out of my head after a day of listening to corporate bullshit at work.

Ross McGibbon