Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh hasnít watched television since last July apparently. How will she know whatís been happening in the Big Brother house? Rather than spend her time watching hapless morons making idiots of themselves, Kate has been busy writing her LP, and the result is 10 tracks of folky, acoustic-y dinner party music, light on excitement, balls, and lyrical thrills.

It sounds like Kateís influences are people like Joni Mitchell and Nora Jones, but she lists on her webpage sheís also influenced by The Longpigs and The Velvet Underground. I canít see it myself, and there are definitely no songs about S&M and hitchhiking transvestites.

ďTimís HouseĒ was recorded for a few hundred pounds in co-producer and guitarist Tim Bidwellís house, hence the name, and Kate has put it out under her own Blueberry Pie record label. And, whilst she was recording the album, Kate had to make a living ďselling soap to posh ladiesĒ. So it is quite remarkable that this album actually topped the iTunes download chart, knocking Take That off in the process. It doesnít sound like that she will need to peddle toiletries for much longer.

There is no denying that Kate has a beautiful voice, and the arrangements of the songs on this album are classy, but itís all just a little bit, well, boring and forgettable, really. Iíve listened a number of times and Iím not really humming any tracks as yet. You canít really imagine her with her foot up on the monitors, swinging her hair wildly, but I guess thatís not the market sheís going for.

If you have the boss and his wife coming over for dinner, then ďTimís HouseĒ is the kind of inoffensive background music that wonít lose you that promotion or upset Mrs Boss with uncouth lyrics.

Ian Dugdale