"Itís like piss easy, innit?"

Donny Tourette, frontman for the Towers Of London and Big Brother survivor gets a quizzing from Ross McGibbon

Behind Leeds Rios, a huge tour bus is blocking the street. As I approach, a binbag of empties and assorted crap is ferried out and I climb the stairs to a weary and bored looking Donny. Sprawled on the sofa, I wonder about the daily grind of a jobbing musician and how this floppy bloke is going to become the raucous maniac Iíve heard of onstage. But then, that wonder was shared by millions, watching him slob around the Big Brother house a year back.

Who comes to a Towers gig?
Everyone. Everyone from kids to, I mean I saw a kid about seven in the front row the other day, to sixty-odd year olds and everything inbetween. All age groups come to a Towers gig.

So there isnít a typical audience?
I suppose the majority are about sixteen to twentyfive, you know what I mean.

Has the Big Brother effect worn off?
YeahÖ People did come down to see, probably who I was and whatever but itís all real and they all know the words to the album Ė every gig we play the venueís full of people shouting along and getting involved. Real fans, yíknow.

I went to a supremely shite The Ordinary Boys concert where two-thirds of the audience was there just to see Preston. Did you get hit by that bad?
Nah, the audience has always had the ĎDonny Effectí, ha ha! No, to be honest, itís just like, sort of, normal. I mean, the lead singer; you get a lot of crowds who want to know who the lead singer is anyway, donít you?

Do you prefer playing live?
I love being in the studio but liveís good fun. I suppose it depends. When Iíve been in the studio a long time I canít wait to get on the road. When Iíve been on the road a long time I canít wait to get in the studio. I mean being in a sweatpit and being close to peoples eyeballs is something that Iím about, I like it.

What do you look forward to most on the road?
Yíknow, meeting new people is good, seeing places you havenít been to before. I mean, most people donít get to see their own country and I get to see it all.
Even the shitty bits.
Even the shitty bits. Even the shitty bits are alright. And you get to have a bit of a party while youíre at it. Itís like a rolling, a never-ending party, really. Well, it does end, on the twenty-sixth.
What do you do then?
Then I write. Going to get back into writing.
Have you got a method for doing that?
Nah. You just need to be not out on the piss all the time and youíll write songs. Itís that simple. When Iím not pissing it up the wall, Iím writing songs.
You havenít got a magic formula?
If I did, I wouldnít tell you, hah, hah!

What donít you look forward to on a tour?
What donít I look forward to? Well my bunk turns into an absolute pit within two days. Thatís not very nice. Thereís not really much of a tour that I donít look forward to. Itís not exactly hard work. You get up, play a gig, go to the pub, you hang out, have a party, have a party on the bus and go to bed. Itís like piss easy, innit?

Who have you enjoyed supporting?
Guns And Roses. Babyshambles. Iím a big fan of Doherty. Heís a good writer and a great frontman.

Where are you going to be in five years?
At the topper-most of the popper-most, Johnny!

Are you still going to be doing this in five years time?
I fucking hope so! Yeah, I mean, Iíll still be doing music.
The bands been going two and a half years. Is that a long time?
Weíre still here, arenít we? Weíre still alive. Not many bands make it past that, a year, two years.
Thatís what Iím asking.
Weíre here, weíre getting stronger. The second albumís going to be better.
Thatís the one that usually gets the backlash.
Well we canít have a backlash because we never were in favour in the first place! Itís like we canít go out of fashion; we were never inÖ. People hated us from the off.

Whatís your formula for a good gig? How do you make it happen?
Get totally chemixed then go out and fucken have it.

And later that evening, Donny gets Ďtotally chemixedí. If you want to know if he Ďfucken has ití, youíll need to check our live reviewsÖÖ