Alabama 3

M.O.R. is a brave title, but what does it stand for? “Middle-Of-The Road”, “ Mice On Rohypnol” or “More Old Rubbish”? I don’t think any of these titles would do justice to M.O.R.

Having been called “the best live band in Britain” and forever associated with The Sopranos, Alabama 3 have found themselves a niche in the market playing their "SweetPrettyMuthaFuckinCountryAcidHouseMusic". It would be unfair to compare this album with the brilliant “Exile On Coldharbour Lane” and the dark “La Peste” as these are regular favourites.. M.O.R. has several standout tracks with Lockdown and Monday Don’t Mean Anything to Me being two of the best. The album is a grower and after several listens I found myself in good olde Alabama 3 territory. Despite some politcal content many songs can’t fail to raise a smile, The Klan is one of these, it has the sound of Rawhide to me!

M.O.R. is a big improvement on the last two studio efforts. Be converted and see them live.

Dave Neild