Dot Allison

The former singer of 90’s trip-hop’ists One Dove returns with her new album. Dot has collaborated with the great and the good of indie-dom (Doherty, Gillespie, Weller, Attack (of the Massive variety)) but anyone expecting the indie-by-numbers tunes on this record will be disappointed. What you get is whispy vocals, minimal arrangements, delicate strings, and not really much else. I think the word is ‘ethereal’. Unfortunately, after the first couple of tracks, this style of music begins to get a bit, well, boring really. It’s not horrible, it’s not unlistenable, but it doesn’t really go anywhere. Dot says she wants to make music to inspire art-lovers everywhere, music that sends shivers down the spine, but I’m afraid that this album does not cut the mustard. Sometimes, on some tracks, you get the sense that all of a sudden the track is going to open up to a glorious cacophony of noise, but it never happens. Other times, the music is so tedious your mind starts wondering to other interesting things, such as cleaning the fluff off the top of the wardrobe. There are some good moments – You Dropped Your Soul, for example, hints at what could have been, but all in all an unsatisfactory experience.

Ian Dugdale