Jenny Hoyston

A funny little record - half an hour of individuality. Tight little songs, running shy of the two and a half minute mark - get in there, make an impression, phuq off out again. A full albums worth of twelve songs have been pared to the bones. Hard little attitudes and poses are dressed in different clothes - maybe rock, maybe country-folk, maybe tightly strummed solo or even electro-beat backed. 'I Don't Need Em' is a bass thrum and electro shuffle, exploring one avenue of Jenny's psyche.

In the past Jenny has worked with William Elliot Whitmore, the hardcore modern-day bluesman. She plays in the sparky Erase Errata too. Here, on her first solo effort, she seems to be taking her own stance without the indulgence that sometimes accompanies sudden artistic freedom. The only indulgence, I guess, is the sheer variety of styles. This is like a choccy selection box, each flavour jarring with the next. Whilst saying that, the changing textures add a sensuality like handling a quilted sheet. Another individual oddity from the house of Southern.

Ross McGibbon