Loner Party
CCT RECORDS - Digital download only 22.10.07

Close your eyes. Think of The Streets. Now think of Goldie Lookin’ Chain doing a parody of a song by The Streets. Now think of Chris Moyles doing a parody of said GLC song. Now take out the element of parody and instead turn the bad rhyming, Casio keyboard beats and fake tuff-white-guy-rapper voice into what someone thinks is worth releasing. Now you’re a step closer to Loner Party.

I pride myself in my openness towards new music across a vast range of genres, but I can safely say that what I found on “Protest Is Dead” got me rethinking this statement. Was I missing the joke? Had I found a type of rap/electro that has a massive underground following but that I wasn’t cool enough to understand? Or is this album, in fact, sheer bobbins? I had to listen on to find out…

To be fair to them, there are the odd lines that are quite good, most noticeably the chorus from “The only thing I have left is to go insane”- ‘The nicest thing you can do is call me weird’. But the odd line is nowhere close to the amount that should stand out in a rap record. After all, lyrics are the bread and butter of this genre.

Having listened to the whole album, I still don’t get it. I found more pleasure in reading the tracklisting in blissful ignorance (“Hell is a nightclub when you’re sober” made me chuckle) than from listening to any track. And the rhyming is just so damn lazy. Take these examples from opening track “Repeat Prescriptions”:
Rabbits / Habits
Foot / Book
Stumble / Grumble
Things / Wings
Script / Grip
Fixture / Picture

Over my years of reviewing, I’ve come across several albums that have done nothing for me. One was just 12 tracks of electronic noise, another paedophilic filth, but this album is just….bad. It’s not that offensive, it’s got a tune (of sorts) and I can understand the lyrics – the problem is that I feel I could do better, and you should never feel that.

Simon Middleyard