Reverend and the Makers

Question – would the RATM still have made it if fellow Sheffielders the Arctic Monkeys hadn’t made it? Would the A&R men have come flocking up to the frozen north in search of the next big thing if the Monkeys were still bashing their tunes out on Myspace instead of headlining Glastonbury? I have my doubts. On the strength of this album, if they weren’t surfing the wave that the Monkeys have already created, I suspect they would still be knocking out their kitchen sink drama’s in the toilets of South Yorkshire.

I will assume you are already familiar with the hit singles from this album, “Heavyweight Champion Of the World” (nice pop song, nothing special) and “He Said He Loved Me” (irritating, grating song played on the radio every five bloody minutes). Suffice to say though that most of the album is pretty much like the latter. It’s a tale of pulling, dumping, being dumped, boozing and all the things that happen on a typical Sheffield weekend out, with, of course, the Arctic’s Alex Turner contributing vocals and guitar to a couple of tracks. It is no doubt that chief Reverend John McClure (wasn’t he in Die Hard?) has an ear for a good tune, but what lets this record down is the subject matter. After six or seven tracks of shellsuits, infidelity, STD’s and working in Netto, it gets a bit repetitive, and leaves you wanting a bit of escapism in your music.

Ian Dugdale