"We're more of a tent band anyway..."

Matt Bowman and Dave Best, from the Pigeon Detectives share festival reflections with Simon Middleyard

Sitting in the shade of a tree in the Guest Area of the Carling Weekend: Leeds Festival, I spoke to Matt Bowman (Vocals) and Dave Best (Bass) two hours before they were due to play the NME/Radio 1 Stage. Both were feeling a bit delicate, and Matt was sporting a scar on his nose after one of his popular microphone stunts had backfired at Reading the day before.

Simon Middleyard: Howís it going?
Matt Bowman: Not bad, had a big one last night and Iím feeling a bit rough after having some food.
Dave Best: What did you have?
MB: Beef stew
DB: You fucking love beef stew!

SM: How was the gig at Reading?
MB: Hotter than here - the crowd were well up for it.

SM: But youíre expecting a better reception on home turf?
MB: Yeah, the people of Leeds seem to have taken us into their hearts.

SM: You look a bit nervous?
MB: Nah, just had a few too many beers last night. We were a bit nervous yesterday like.

SM: Have you had chance to catch any other acts this weekend?
MB: The View and The Twang, both were really good.

SM: You gonna see any more today?
MB: Same again really. Iím not really bothered about any of the rest.
DB: I might try and see the Chillis, but I only know their greatest hits!

SM: Are there going to be any surprises in tonight's set?
MB: We're gonna start with a proper crowd singalong to get the tent going, summat different.

SM: Any idea who youíre up against on the Main Stage?
MB: I don't care, we'll get a better crowd. We could've played the Main...

SM: But you chose not to?
MB: Yeah, we could've gone on second or third on Main, but we thought we'd rather go later on NME.
DB: We're more of a tent band anyway... The atmosphere's better and with just one album you wanna hear the crowd singing. We played the Carling stage last year and that was mint.

At this point, the bandís promoter interrupts to tell them that the bandís album has gone back up the charts, to number nine. As the boys got dragged away, more excited by this news than I had anticipated, I managed to squeeze in one last question:
SM: Have you found the pigeon yet?
MB: Not yet, I reckon we might do by this time next year like...