“There’s four people pulling in slightly different directions but all complement each other to make a sound that’s got a bit of a unique sound to it.”

Bryn Fowler, from The Holloways tells Lyndsey Green about the band’s plans.

When I got the chance to interview The Holloways I virtually snapped off the editor’s hand.
The foursome from North London got together a couple of years ago after meeting at The Holloways pub. Their producers Langer and Winstanley have previously dealt with Elvis Costello, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Madness and Blur, so The Holloways are certainly following in some pretty big shoes... I however managed to talk to the down to earth Bryn Fowler (Bass/Vocals) and asked him how the guys were doing...

Could you describe the Holloways sound?
Fun, exciting, jingly, jangly indie-pop and a little punk-esqe as well.

Anything new in the pipeworks?
We’re doing a special edition of the album on the 1st October which has got a B-sides disk that’s got all the songs on that you couldn’t buy on CD before. It’s all the B-sides that people were saying “Oh it’s amazing, but I haven’t got a vinyl player,” so we’re doing it for them. In January we’re going away to record another album and we’ll be playing three tracks tonight which will hopefully be on the second album, because we like them a lot, and step it up a bit with the second album, make an amazing album and have a blast hopefully.

How are you taking being Xfm, Radio One, and most of your fans, next big thing?
I think we’ve moved on from there. Because this time last year we were gearing up for the album to come out and it was then that it had this big affect on people. They were like “ah you’re going to be massive, you’re going to be the next big thing.” We went out and progressed, we continued to sell more albums now than we were before. I think we’ve been around too long to be the next big thing. We’re kinda the next big thing in waiting. We’re just waiting in the wings for The View and The Enemy to fall off, and then it will be us someday.

Your MySpace fans will know your favourite bands include The Beach Boys and Captain Dangerous. Who are your other influences?
The influences just range so far in the band. Alfie is really heavily influenced by rock’n’roll music and Eddie Cochran. His dad was a DJ and they just spent ages listening to the records. Rob always listened to the more punk side of things from The Clash and The Sex Pistols as well as the reggae side. For some reason he just knows every reggae song ever and who it’s by and where it’s recorded and when it’s released and we’re like, “How do you know this you’re 21! How could you know that this was released in 1967?” I was really influenced by the Britpop stuff in the mid 90’s it’s kinda what made me want to make music and what got me into music. Dave, believe it or not, was into soul music when he was a kid. Again heavily influenced by his parents. Maybe that comes through to the sound. We just put all the influences together and instead of four people all wanting to make the same kind of sound, there’s four people pulling in slightly different directions but all complement each other to make a sound that’s got a bit of a unique sound to it.

How did you enjoy your besides the seaside tour?
I loved it. It’s actually an idea we came up with before the band started. Me and Alfie started doing stuff before the band and we said “oh it would be amazing if we could do a seaside tour, and have a bus, imagine how much fun that would be," and we actually got to do it, and we were really pleased that the best gig that we did was the Cleethorpes gig, the quintessential seaside town, and it was so run down, it was literally like stepping off the bus and into 1972.

What do you think of your support act The Wombats?
I’m actually a fan of The Wombats, I actually like them, a lot. I think they’re really talented songwriters and the melodies they put together are really good, and they’re amazing on stage. they’re really good on record but live, with the banter and everything they really put on a show.

And finally, If I was an alien and want to know The Holloways in five words, what would they be?
Fun, entertaining (Pauses and looks at girlfriend) What have you got some to add?

People have always got more than five!
Yeah that’s the problem just five... you want five phrases... no I’ll do words.... Fun, entertaining, energetic.... that’s all we are really... different er..... (laughs) if the other guys were here it’d be much easier we could have one each... even then we’d only come up with four.... they’d probably say good looking...

We’ll take good looking that can be the final one...
Yeah ok!

Ok well thank you very much for talking to me.
And thank you.