TANGLED UP! 29.10.07

Tangled Up! Records seem to have been trawling Scandinavia for new talent, judging from all the Northern treats they’re putting out. This one is intense and psychedelic, mostly instrumental or, at least, semi-comprehensible where there are lyrics. The band are from Sandviken in Northern Sweden where, one imagines, they spent their youth playing along to My Bloody Valentine records. Spacey sound ideas dominate. The second track tips its hat to 2001: A Space Odyssey with its title – My God Its Full Of Stars (Dave Bowman’s line as his escape pod is dragged down into Jupiter, fellow geeks). With many other trippy and psych titles, I can tell where they are coming from. The music is massed guitars, circling and cycling through broken speakers and layers of distortion and feedback. Echoes and twistings malform the shapes to the misbegotten beauty they want. Think of bands like Yo La Tengo. Oh, actually, don’t. There aren’t any bands like Yo La Tengo! But think of the symphonic cathedrals of feedback they sometimes create and of bands like Isis, Lullabye Arkestra, Godspeed You Black Emperor, etc.

The tracks have huge presence and the sense is one of composition through arrangement and production. The use of engineering in shaping sounds, like something carved from out of the air. Ringing metallic noises float between tracks, gloomy ambient parts rise up, then the guitars rise again to build into another crescendo. Very atmospheric and a big ‘wash over you’ album.

Ross McGibbon