Mixtapes & Cellmates
TANGLED UP! 22.10.07

After a couple of EPs, Swedenís oddest-named band offer a debut album. Itís a gentle and affair, belying itís electric guitars with a floating other-worldliness. Itís reminiscent of that slightly out of phase and disjointed hippy student we all have in amongst our mates, the Nigel Planar of The Young Ones.

Kind of sad, lost and lonely melancholy lyrics decorate the sonic stage, propelled by that most current of trends Ė Folktronica. Yes, itís Beta Band / Adem / Tuung territory here, with skipping beats, sampled bits and bobs, odd noises and a general debt to trip hop, all wrapped in acoustic noises and a mildly psychedelic sense of laid-backness. This is a dreamy and lovely concoction; not one thatíll rock your world, but pleasantly made with love for the creation of a kinder listener.

Ross McGibbon