The Departure
@ Fibbers, York

Yet again hanging from the stupendously low ceiling, a slightly (ahem) relaxed Dave Jones led the Departure on a night where finding a clear view of the band wasn’t much of a challenge….

Despite a meagre turnout, the band still powered through their set, combining well-loved tracks from their first album, “Dirty Words” with brand new material from their as yet unnamed follow-up.

Starting with one of their new tracks, the crowd soon reacted when it was followed by the familiar introduction to “Be My Enemy”, with two guys at the front in particular putting their all into every beat the band produced. Coming next was the current download / free 7” “7 Years”, contemplating what being in 2007 means (or maybe not, it depends on how carefully they thought about the words…)

The band had clearly thought the setlist through a bit (although there was evidence of a change mid-set as they held a discussion between tracks), as there was a fair combination of the old and new, with “All Mapped Out”, “Arms Around Me” and “Dirty Words” accompanying newborns “Falling” (a funk / rock track that I can see as a highlight of the new album) and “We Will Be the Only Ones”.

Keeping a bit of allusiveness going (although it’s a badly kept secret), the band followed “Lump In My Throat” with “This song could be our next single. It’s called Chemicals and it’s for Vanguard”

Encores came in the form of “Talkshow” and new track “I Guess You Will”, which drew the crowd so close to the stage it began to feel like Fibbers was reaching capacity….

Simon Middleyard