My American Heart

In my personal opinion, My American Heart are one of the most underrated soft, pop rock bands of the past couple of years. Hailing from San Diego, they released their debut album just last year in 2006, and have already followed it up with an even better offering. “Hiding Inside The Horrible Weather” is a melodic masterpiece.

Although the general pace of the album is much slower than the band’s debut, “Meaning In The Make-Up”, it brings something deeper and more inspiring to the band’s overall sound. In “Hiding”, there are hidden undertones of not only the blues but also funk and jazz influences. The tracks are well arranged so that no similar songs are put together, and unlike many “emo” bands circulating at the moment, this album leaves you feeling cheerful and quite satisfied.

My American Heart have learned something over the past year or so. I can’t say what it is, but the difference in the two albums, though subtle, is astonishing once you notice it. The copious use of keyboards is one addition, as well as their second guitarist. This band is made up of real musicians. They use intricate arrangements, layered guitars and shifting rhythms to bring something new and yet familiar to the current music scene.

The songs themselves show a great deal of contrast. The infectious “Boys! Grab Your Guns” is the first track on the album and instantly grabs the listener with an irresistible hook in the chorus. This is combated by the introspective ballad like “All My Friends” and the downbeat “Dangerous” which demonstrates clear use of jazz influences. “Speak Low If You Speak Love” is a beautiful hybrid of post-punk and modern rock, but my personal favourite is “Fantasy”, which has one of the most irrepressible choruses I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear.

My American Heart are more than just an “emo” band trying to make it on the scene. Yes, the songs are about breaking up and having your heart trodden on, but the lyrics are well thought out and carefully arranged. They’re a dynamic band who have a long, fulfilling road ahead of them.

Kat Humphries