So who exactly are Hiatus? Well, on their MySpace, the band list their influences as “Anything and Everything. From Portishead to Pantera, Perry Como to Pendulum, Pearl Jam to Petula Clark. Not Peter Andre or Panic at the Disco though!” So their self-titled debut album could well prove interesting…

Opening with a clean, bass-heavy funk beat, Hiatus really grabbed my attention through their unusual style and setup. Using a combination of distorted lead, prominent bass, acoustic guitar and drums very much in the background, opening track “Panacean” is like no song I have heard for a very long time. The tempo totally switches between the verse, the chorus and the bridge – in fact it’s hard to think about anything but the beat when it’s playing!

As I got further through the album, I came to realise that it’s the mixing that really makes a difference – each track has got something new to offer, and even when the band start slipping into generic US-rock mode, the balance of the instruments is such that it keeps you interested.

“Ambition Killer” is pure funk, and the band lean on the wet bass sound that makes Red Hot Chilli Peppers a genre in themselves, then there’s “Another Side”, which starts a sequence of three or four tracks that overlap into the more typical alt/rock category of heavy guitars and shouty vocals, before moving their way into Bon Jovi country. I would even go as far to say that there are shades of Nickelback in “Jenni’s House”.

But you can genuinely tell that the band have made these styles their own… and many tracks really do help to prove the band’s claim that they are Britain’s next best thing in balls-out rock.

Simon Middleyard