Electric City
@ Leeds Met University

It’s disheartening to play a half-full hall, which is what the excellent Orson did later. Meanwhile Electric City had to manage with less. They got on with the job, focussing in on the stage and creating their own bubble of enthusiasm with impelling rhythms. The band were blessed with a full sound not usually granted to a support band (mustn’t outdo the headline, dontcherknow) and the guitar worked his mojo.

Meanwhile the main interest in the bass was watching him grab his trousers, which were perpetually on the verge of falling down. Ah, fashion….. The band worked hard to convince. They weren’t excited but managed to do a good impersonation. This band has one foot on the nu-rave bandwagon but the other on the early eighties. There was a U2 feel to vocals and the rising pattern to the songs betrayed a Bono influence. Then the guitar did an Edge pattern and the bass / drum lockstep slotted into the eighties milieu and the semi-tribute band aspect became apparent. It’s a nice sound but it’s not THEIR sound. Then again, rock’s been around 50 years and early U2 were only halfway along that journey – in 2007, how is it possible not to be indebted to someone? That’s the conundrum Electric City are going to have to solve if they want to be known for their own work, not a resemblance to someone else.

Ross McGibbon